Friday, July 22, 2011

And so it begins

I've thought for a long time about starting a blog. One that would accurately reflect the beginning of our new life in Minnesota. This is a place for me. This is a place to reflect, to honor and to celebrate a new beginning.

Some of the volunteer ushers I've worked with have commented that this is the best time of my life - having young kids and my husband starting a new job. I have tried to take this to heart; is it just nostalgia talking when they give me this advice? There is a kernel of truth as I see it; each day is new. Our little kids are growing every day, learning something new, constantly changing and taking in the world around them. Because I am leaving a job of four years that hasn't felt fulfilling, and because Tom is starting a job that he will hopefully find fulfilling, we are starting with a clean slate. As a family of four we are constantly in the process of becoming who we will be and who we are. The art of becoming.

To memorialize my first post - here's something funny Sean did today. We sat reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar before I went to work this morning. As I read, he repeated after me. He enjoyed yelling "patterkillers, mama, patterkillers!" Priceless.