Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Applesauce Effect

It seems there are things that only the mind of a two-year-old can know. For example, why does he refuse to let me get the peanut butter out of the jar to make his PBJ sandwich, and why must he take the cap off the milk, and why must he hold the applesauce container and scoop the applesauce out himself? While we're on the subject of applesauce, here's a recent exchange between me and Seancito:

me: Seancito, your lunch is ready. (lunch involves mac and cheese and applesauce, in a separated plate, so that they are not touching each other.)

Sean: No, I don't want the applesauce!

me: okay, if you don't want it, you can leave it on your plate.

Sean: No! Mama, take the applesauce away! Take it! Take it away!!

me: Sean, if you don't want -

Sean: NOOO (pounding his fists), mama take it! (flailing his body)

me: I'm not gonna take it -

Sean: NOOO (sliding down between his seat and the table) I DON'T WANT THE APPLESAUCE!!

At this point Sean is laying underneath the table, face down, screaming, pounding the floor, and yelling about the applesauce. After this tantrum leaves his body, he moves back out to me, throwing himself at my legs, wrapping his arms around my thighs and yelling, "MAMA TAKE IT! I DON'T WANT APPLESAUCE!!"

I tell him that he doesn't have to eat the applesauce, but that I'm not going to take it off the plate. I'm not going to put it back into the container, I'm just going to leave it on his plate and he can either eat it or leave it. I also tell him that I'm going to take a break. This usually involves me going into the living room and sitting on the rocking chair quietly praying to God that I don't go crazy. Sean watches me leave the dining room, he watches me sit on the rocking chair, and he goes back to his place at the table, to the unwanted applesauce and the turkey sandwich that is getting completely ignored in this transaction. He crawls back up on the chair, still slightly moaning, crying, whimpering to himself. He positions himself in his chair, picks up his spoon, and dips it into the applesauce. He then takes a bite. And another. Then another. He's eating the applesauce! Tom walks into the kitchen just after this has all transpired, and Sean looks over at Tom.

Sean: Dada, will you please get me some more applesauce?