Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When I get off this toilet

Sean and I have butted heads recently. Specifically around the potty. Yesterday he pushed me to the brink of my sanity having slapped my leg twice. Once was in response to multiple pleas for him to clean up his blocks. The next was in response to getting ready to go pick up Tom from work. The second hit, much later in the day, my patient-reserves were low, was while I was sitting on the toilet. It's true. I was sitting on the toilet, he was discussing something with me and getting disgruntled about it. He did not like the responses I was giving him, so he slapped my leg.

me: When I get off this toilet, you are going to sit in time out.

Sean ran out of the room with a smirk on his face.

Any sentence that begins with "When I get off this toilet..." is not really an intimidating sentence. How can his 2 year old mind know that when I am sitting on the toilet, I am not a force to be reckoned with. In fact, I am at my most vulnerable!

Today, we were discussing his ability to sit on his own potty in the bathroom. his training potty has been set up since we arrived, and strangely (miraculously) he has sat on the potty a couple times in the past two weeks and he has successfully peed! Incredible! I told him that he would receive a small piece of chocolate if he successfully peed or pooped on the potty, so today he decided he wanted to get a piece of chocolate. However, he had just completed filling a full diaper and I was cleaning it when he decided he wanted to do this. So... he sat on the potty, and sat, and sat. I suggested a couple times that he might want to put his diaper on and come back out and join us in the living room, but no, he wanted the chocolate. Finally, I left him to his own devices. He was singing a song, sitting on the potty, pants-less, when the repair man stopped in. I held a crying Audrey on my shoulder (she was hungry) and welcomed my man Mitch into the house. He brought in our piece of furniture newly repaired, and I turned to show him where to put it only to see Sean standing at the top of the stairs with only a shirt on.

When I get off this toilet...

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